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Hong Kong IMMIGRATION Non-Local Graduates

Non-Local Graduates

International Arrangement for non-local graduates :

The quota-category permits folks who are willing to live and stay in HKSAR for employment as professionals to apply under Immigration arrangements for overseas graduates. The applicants who are not localities and have reached undergraduate or higher education under Hong Kong full-time and local-accredited programme can apply under this category, to live and work in the HKSAR.

Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration Visa

  1. Inexpensive living :

    Hong Kong is not expensive at all. From food, traveling to shopping plazas and Medical facilities, everything here is at sensible rates.
  2. Freedom :

    Hong Kong is a democratic country. People her lives without any fear and regardless of political captivity, they believe in expressing their ideas that are good for the country.
  3. economy :

    The greatest part about migrating to Hong Kong is that you don’t have a fear of paying the taxes. You don’t have to pay for inheritance tax and even tax rates are small.
  4. Tourist spots :

    Hong Kong is known for its attractiveness and tourist spots. Whether it is a Peak or Giant Buddha, this place is full of amazing attractions.
  5. Transparent Government:

    The government of Hong Kong is known for providing various services to the Hong Kong people. They respect people’s opinions, feelings and make efforts to meet the requirements of people.

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