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Hong Kong is a remarkable immigration destination for the Foreign Immigrants. The candidates with precise qualification and work- experience may apply for the Hong Kong visa program depending upon your occupation. Hong Kong- the earlier British Empire Colony is home to the Chinese, European and South Asian countries. Immigration to Hong Kong is not that challenging as their Immigration Policies are crafted in the exceptional way that draws attentions of thousands of Immigrants. You can immigrate to Hong Kong without any advance offer of local occupation. Check out the benefits and requirements to attain Hong Kong Immigration visa.

Hong Kong authority has always provided excellent opportunities to job seeker who wish to migrate to Hong Kong under Business visa, student visa, family visa, and travel visa programs. Immigration to Hong Kong can be the best option for you whether you are a student, or want to establish your business, want to visit your family in Hong Kong or just need a break and travel the beautiful region of the nation.

What’s so special in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a well-established Asian country and known for its versatile factors. From remarkable history and independence to a multi-cultural community and accessible transportation, Hong Kong is occupied with several amenities that make it the best place to live. Check out the pull factors that will make you think why Hong Kong, the best place for Immigrants:

  • The key factors like the International financial market, low taxation, and least Government interference add toppings in the economy of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong is considered as the passageway for the foreign direct investment into China.
  • Hong Kong has the top-most Human growth index ranking and ranks 7th worldwide for the highest life-expectancy in the world.
  • The tourism sector adds the major part in the economy of Hong Kong, by accounting for 5% of its GDP.
  • Hong Kong has the maximum number of skyscrapers with third-most high-rise buildings in the world.

Hong Kong, one of the most flourished nations, with world’s 12th largest economy, happens to be one of the richest countries on the globe. Low rate of unemployment and inflation with a highly skilled work force, Hong Kong economy promises to prosper and is the number one reasons which attracts millions of aspirants who wish migrate to this beautiful nation. It not only offers a quality life, health & education benefits, financial flexibility and political rights protection but also gives scope to secure a great life and future. It has been the top-most attracting among Indians and every year thousands of users come there for work opportunities or to pursue their studies.

What you need to settle there

The candidates, who are keen to immigrate to Hong Kong as a job seeker, have to go through the below-given requirements:

  1. The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years.
  2. The applicants must have ample funds to support themselves in Hong Kong during their stay. All the expenditures including accommodation, living cost, transportation cost should be managed by the applicant itself.
  3. You have to provide confirmation stating that you have good character and never dealt with any illegal activities. The candidates have to submit their past records from the countries they have lived in for last 10 months in the past 10 years.
  4. The applicant must have the decent hand in communication and have proficient English language skills. The average IELTS score to apply under work visa of Hong Kong is 6.0.

Various Visa Categories through which you can immigrate to Hong Kong:

Whether it is a short-term or permanent, one can land in this former British former colony if they have opted for the correct visa. Check out the visa categories that are the steps to migrate to Hong Kong


The applicant who desires to enter HKSAR to study, are welcome under this category. The applicant..

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applicants who want to live and stay in Hong Kong for work as professionals may apply under this..

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Under Residence

The people living outside Hong Kong who demands to be a permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special..

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The applicants between 18 to 40 years and are the second generation of relocated Chinese..

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A person who requires visit/work licence to visit/transit the HKSAR. If a person would like to stay..

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The quota-category permits folks who are willing to live and stay in HKSAR for employment as..

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