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    Universal Advisers is one of the Best Canadian PR Visa Consultants in Delhi and the reasons are just below:
    100% Success Rate An immigration consultancy’s reputation and level are solely based on its honest success rate and we proudly present to you ours, 100%. Although the visa handing out is not in the hands of the Canada Immigration Consultants Delhi but only the Canadian Immigration office Delhi, we try our 100% to meet all the requirements from the candidate’s side.

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    Fulfill your dream of visiting Canada!

    Explore your Canadian Immigration and get all your queries answered from industry experts.

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    Seamless Canada Immigration Journey with Universal Adviser

    Canadian Immigration is exciting, challenging and ever-changing. There are many ways to migrate and be part of Canadian Society. As experts in Canadian Immigration Consultancy, allow us to advise you with the best visa options to visit or make Canada your home. Take a FREE ASSESSMENT and open up a whole new world of opportunities.

    Highest paying jobs/occupations in Canada


    Annual salary in Cad

    Information Technology

    $81,000 – $149,023

    Marketing & Sales

    $70,879 – $165,000


    $87,392 – $180,000


    $58,500 – $114,356


    $73,219 – $160,000

    Accounting & Finance

    $89,295 – $162,651

    Human Resources

    $82,559 – $130,925


    $75,284 – $160,000

    Professional and Scientific Services

    $90,569 – $108,544


    $65,789 - $117,178


    $55,876 - $98,600


    $72,700 - $124,500


    The ICCRC-CRCIC is the immigration body of Canada that chooses, registers, and accredits certain immigration consultants from all over the world. And we, the Universal Adviser, are proud to present our accreditation as immigration consultancy, received from the ICCRC-CRCIC, which showcases our expertise and knowledge in the field. It confirms our legitimacy alongside our trained immigration consultants, who are our biggest assets and pillar of success. We, with the flawless efforts of our licensed immigration consultants, can guide you through a seamless immigration procedure and clear the cloud of queries.

    Proudly Served Client From Across The World

    Australia, Afghanistan,Antigua & Barbuda, Botswana, Brazil, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Guyana, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, Haiti, Holland, Hong Kong, Honduras, Italy, India, Jamaica, Kuwait, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, U.A.E, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Ukraine, Yemen and growing...

    Benefits of Immigration Consultants

    Canada has 100+ immigration programs for every immigration purpose possible. It sure opens a lot of pathways but can be very confusing at the same time as the procedure, cutoffs, requirements differ. And it is difficult to keep everything in mind.
    Hiring an immigration Consultant can free you from all the confusion and lead you to Canada through the best pathway possible.
    Application procedures need to be completely error-free, as a single mistake can reject it. So, a trained immigration consultant can flawlessly fill your application, ensuring that all the requirements are met, and get it approved.
    Consulting an immigration consultant can save you from visa rejection, loss of time, money, and hope!