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  • Can expressing an interest through Skill Select and presenting my profile help me with my sponsorship?
    Under the new Skill Select format, when you do so, your information becomes accessible to recruiters looking for talents for recruitment purposes. If any Australian employer finds your profile suitable for any opportunity, your chances of obtaining a sponsorship are higher.
  • What is the validity of the invitations? What happens if an invitation expires?
    The validity & invitation period is 60 days. Applicants need to submit their petition to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) within the stipulated time frame.
    In case your profile is not picked within two years of the EOI and submission, the petition for EOI lapses and the same will be removed from the data bank.
  • Can I submit my application with 60 points even if I gain no points in the IELTS?
    Yes, you can submit your application under such a scenario.
  • In subcategory 489, can an individual get PR after completing his 4 years stay in the country? What happens if he/she fails to obtain a PR?
    In such a scenario, the candidate must have been doing a job or residing in the identified state/region for not less than two years in the appropriate profile.
    The candidate can submit a petition PR Visa after two years and may have the same if he/she has successful employment in the state and also not found guilty of any wrongdoings during that period. If found breaching any of the terms of the 489 Permit, the applicant will be denied PR.
  • Do we require doing an EOI & state sponsorship at the same time?
    Candidates can submit an EOI and also apply for sponsorship from the state. After an applicant receives sponsorship from a state, the EOI will get an update and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will start the process to offer an invitation to the applicant.
  • Is an offer of employment required for Subcategory 489?
    Please check the state requirements as some states could necessitate a validated job offer from state sponsorship under the subclass 489 visa. A validated employment offer is compulsory for state sponsorship.
  • Can I change my visa subcategory after the EOI lodgment?
    Yes, you have every right to update your EOI through the two years. You can easily update your details in the Skill Select anytime you wish.
  • Should the ACS & the IELTS be valid at the time of invitation?
    Yes, you should have valid ACS and IELTS at the time of invitation. However, because EOI remains in the pool for two years, the same may not pose issues to any such candidate. In certain cases where individuals took the skills assessment/IELTS before lodging the EOI, some problem can be there, particularly regarding the IELTS language results.
    It is recommended to file the EOI as soon as the IELTS results are in hand. In case any decision is not made within the two years, the petition will not be considered a part of the EOI bank.
    The ACS skills also expire after two years and in case you want to re-file, you will have to re-do the evaluation and submit a fresh EOI.
  • Are there separate occupations lists for State-sponsored & Regional sponsored or can we follow one list?
    There are two types of occupations lists.
    One is the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List) with Schedule 1 and 2 and the other is the Skilled Occupations List (SOL).
    For independent skilled migration, the professions given in SOL 1 can be followed and the Schedule 2 professions can be followed for State-Sponsored and Regional Schemes.
    Against this backdrop, independent skilled workers may refer to the professions given in SOL 1, and those with state/regional sponsorship will refer to Schedule 1 & 2 and state lists.
  • How the petition shall be selected from the EOI bank and what is the estimated time?
    Your profile remains in the EOI bank for two years and is accessible to authorities and employers throughout the duration. There is no estimated duration and the profile can be chosen at any time before it expires in the EOI bank.
  • Is profession significant in the case of a family member sponsorship?
    It is important that the applicant belongs to either Schedule 1 and the relative is residing in the chosen area.
  • What is the duration of the subclass 489 visa? Can I submit a petition before the permit expires?
    The Sub-class 489 is a 4-year Permit. You are eligible to apply for Australian PR after two years of arriving in the state/region, but before the end of 4 years i.e., the validity of your permit.
  • In the case of state sponsorship, can the kids of the primary applicant study outside that state & territorial limits?
    It is highly doubtful. You may not be able to enjoy the advantages of funded education obtained outside the states that sponsored you. Families need to stay in the selected state/region which offered the permit.
  • I am facing some technical; difficulties with Skill Select, what I am supposed to do?
    Such circumstances are unpredictable. But you don’t have to worry; you can visit the Support page of the Skill Select and access the user guides or even the FAQS. You can try coming back to the website later.
  • What are the minimum points required for the different visa subclass for the points-based permits?
    To be eligible for the permit, an applicant must attain the minimum points mentioned against each of the visa categories:
    Visa subclasses 189, 190 and 489 - 60 points
    Visa subclasses 885, 886 and 487 - 65 points
    Visa subclass 188 (business innovation & investment visa) - 65 points
  • Who accesses the specifics of the Skill Select aspirants?
    This depends on the answers or choices of the applicant in the EOI petition. If you go for an employer-sponsored or regional or state permit, the employer/ regional/state may review your profile in the EOI bank. In case you have opted for the family-sponsored or independent or permit, Skill Select will exclusively utilize your specifics.
  • Can I submit an EOI, even without my English language test results & skills evaluation?
    Before you submit a completed EOI, and in case you are pre-setting an EOI for a points-based permit, successfully clear the test meant for the English language & also skills appraisal. Even if you may not be required to attach the germane papers to the EOI, present the correct data in your EOI. Guarantee that it is similar to the one given on the supporting documents.
  • Can I know my ranking in the EOI pool?
    No! You cannot check your pool ranking. Now and then the ranking position undergoes key changes, thanks to the filing or the withdrawal of other EOIs from the Skill Select.
  • Can I know my ranking in the EOI pool?
    No! You cannot check your pool ranking. Now and then the ranking position undergoes key changes, thanks to the filing or the withdrawal of other EOIs from the Skill Select.
  • Can I present an EOI in Australia?
    Yes, you can submit an EOI. But please keep in mind that the EOI is not a permit submission or any bridging visa/permit. In case you get an invite, you will then have to submit your visa, provided you meet the requirements.
  • Do I need to submit a written statement in the EOI?
    No, you don’t have to submit any statement in a written form. While filing your EOI, you will be asked questions based on the permissions you are interested in. Your EOI will be presented based on your answers.
  • In case I fail to get an invite, can I have a refund for the skills appraisal & the language test for English?
    No, you won’t be eligible for any kind of refund. Having an EOI does not guarantee an invite. The money spent while preparing for your EOI is part of the process and you have to bear the expenses whether it is for the IELTS test or the assessment for skills.
  • Can I update my EOI?
    Yes, you can easily update your EOI to add any freshly gained skill, qualification or experience. Even the skill select will notice it and update the same for your application.
  • What if I do not receive an invite to submit my submission for a permit, will I still be having the review rights?
    In such a case, you won’t be having the right to review as the EOI is not a permit submission. The review process is only for qualified people whose submissions for a permit have been dismissed.
  • Can I employ a professional immigration agent for my EOI petition and the rest of the immigration procedure?
    Yes, you can! You can avail of the services of immigration experts for your application filing, documentation, and the rest of the procedures of immigration. This will make sure that your process is in the right hands and being taken care of properly.
    For more information about Australian immigration and any query related to your application, please drop us a mail at and our immigration consultants will back to you. You can also connect with us via a call at +91-730 345 0222 and interact with our experts directly.

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